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Our aluminium bobbins have a lovely tactile feel, and will make a spectacular addition to your lace pillow.

 Aluminium is a light weight, durable metal and uncoloured has the appearance of silver. Our Aluminium bobbins are made from quality, high silica aluminium which will not stain white threads and over time will not ‘dull’. The bobbins have a weight comparable to a bone bobbin.

The aluminium bobbins are available, coloured using an anodising technique, this is an electrochemical process where the colour is sealed into the metal. Anodising gives a rich silky colour to the bobbin which is permanent and will not transfer onto your threads.

 If you have special requirements for a particular style or type of bobbin please contact us to have your requirements satisfied.

 All double head midland style bobbins have a pre-drilled hole for spangling, or can be ordered fitted with a spangle.

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Current Pricing from - February 2010           

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More discount is available on a greater quantity ordered

Prices for bobbins


Available discount

Silver uncoloured Midland

£6.00 each

2 of any style for £10.00

6 of any style for £28.00

Silver uncoloured Honiton

£4.00 each

2 of any style for £7.00

6 of any style for £20.00

Coloured Midland

£10.00 each

2 of any style for £18.00

6 of any style for £50.00

Coloured Honiton

£8.00 each

2 of any style for £14.00

6 of any style for £40.00

Sliver or black spangle fitted

Please state colour when ordering


£1.50 per bobbin

Buy 5 get one free


Our Range of Travel Bobbins

Wendy - 7.5cm Heather - 7.5cm Claire - 8cm Sally - 8cm


We also have gorgeous aluminium bobbin earrings, pendants and key rings.

Earrings and Pendants are available in all colours and uncoloured (silver) they also come in a presentation box.

Spangled pair of aluminium bobbin earrings with solid silver wires (approx 3cm not inc wire)

Available in all colours Pink shown

£18.00 #

Per pair


Aluminium bobbin pendant (3cm)inc. a 18 inch sterling sliver chain.


Available in all colours  Turquoise shown

Aluminium bobbin pendant with four bead spangle (approx. 7cm)

The pendant is available in all colours the big bead is available in a choice of colours black, purple, blue, pink and white


#£6.00 discount for a pair of earrings and a necklace purchased together, Total £30.00

Aluminium Bobbin keyrings (approx 5cm)




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